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Real Live Tour 1993

A Real Live Tour

March – August 1993

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Album Commentary

After a short break from touring following the release of A Real Live One Maiden returned to the road for The Real Live Tour. However, sometime during the break Bruce Dickinson had announced that he would be leaving the band at the end of the tour. At this point the tour became a farewell for Bruce, and Maiden played many songs that had not been played in a long time such as "Prowler" and "Transylvania". Following the tour Maiden released another live album entitled A Real Dead One containing mostly older songs. Partly due to Bruce's resignation from Maiden, this became one of Maiden's best documented tours. Unfortunately there was also some controversy, since it was alleged that with the exception of a few select shows, Bruce's voice didn't sound particularly good (this is supported by a number of existing audience recordings). The final show of the tour was a collaboration with horror magician Simon Drake and was broadcast via pay-per-view and eventually released in the video Raising Hell. After this final show, the tour was over and Bruce left Iron Maiden to pursue his solo career before re-joining the band in 1999.


Opening bands for this tour
Numeros Rojos – MySpace Zeus – Official Website Sexit – Official Website
The Almighty – MySpace
SETLIST (varied)
Standard Set
 Be Quick Or Be Dead Commentary Lyrics
 The Number Of The Beast Commentary Lyrics
 Prowler Commentary Lyrics
 Transylvania Commentary Lyrics
 Remember Tomorrow Commentary Lyrics
 Where Eagles Dare Commentary Lyrics
 From Here To Eternity Commentary Lyrics
 Wasting Love Commentary Lyrics
 Bring Your Daughter... ...To The Slaughter Commentary Lyrics
 Wasted Years Commentary Lyrics
 The Evil That Men Do Commentary Lyrics
 Afraid To Shoot Strangers Commentary Lyrics
 Fear Of The Dark Commentary Lyrics
 The Clairvoyant Commentary Lyrics
 Heaven Can Wait Commentary Lyrics
 Run To The Hills Commentary Lyrics
 2 Minutes To Midnight Commentary Lyrics
 Iron Maiden Commentary Lyrics
 Hallowed Be Thy Name Commentary Lyrics
 The Trooper Commentary Lyrics
 Sanctuary Commentary Lyrics
Tracks played only at a few venues
 Wrathchild Commentary Lyrics

A Real Live Tour


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