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No Prayer on the Road 1990/91

No Prayer On The Road

October 1990 – April 1991

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Album Commentary

With the release of No Prayer For The Dying, Iron Maiden returned to their rock roots. The stage set was stripped down and the only real stage prop was a giant screen behind the drum riser. To replace Adrian Smith, the band brought in ex-White Spirit guitarist Janick Gers who rivaled both Steve and Bruce with his onstage energy. In addition to his own, he handled all of Adrian's solos and also played played a short unaccompanied solo at the end of "22 Acacia Avenue". I know that at some point "The Prisoner" was part of their list, but was dropped for unknown reasons. The band also stopped wearing spandex at this point, replacing it with a more normal look of jeans and T-shirts. For this album and tour, Bruce adopted a vocal style that was very raspy and rough sounding. However, I personally think that this was one of their better tours, and proved that the show could continue without Adrian.


Opening bands for this tour
Wolfsbane – MySpace Anthrax – Official Website King's X – Official Website
SETLIST (varied)
Standard Set
 Intro: Theme from 633 Squadron
 Tailgunner Commentary Lyrics
 Public Enema Number One Commentary Lyrics
 Wrathchild Commentary Lyrics
 Die With Your Boots On Commentary Lyrics
 Hallowed Be Thy Name Commentary Lyrics
 22, Acacia Avenue Commentary Lyrics
 Holy Smoke Commentary Lyrics
 The Assassin Commentary Lyrics
 No Prayer For The Dying Commentary Lyrics
 Hooks In You Commentary Lyrics
 The Clairvoyant Commentary Lyrics
 2 Minutes To Midnight Commentary Lyrics
 The Trooper Commentary Lyrics
 Heaven Can Wait Commentary Lyrics
 Iron Maiden Commentary Lyrics
 The Number Of The Beast Commentary Lyrics
 Bring Your Daughter... ...To The Slaughter Commentary Lyrics
 Run To The Hills Commentary Lyrics
 Sanctuary Commentary Lyrics
Tracks played only at a few venues
 The Prisoner Commentary Lyrics
 The Evil That Men Do Commentary Lyrics

No Prayer on the Road


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