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Seventh Tour of a Seventh Tour 1988

Seventh Tour of a Seventh Tour

May – December 1988

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Album Commentary

Maiden continued their on-the-road onslaught by touring in support of their concept album Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son. The stage set featured icebergs and a giant Eddie with his offspring. A landmark event for the band occurred when they headlined the Monsters Of Rock show at the famous Castle Donington Festival. There were no unaccompanied solos in this tour, but some old classics were revived like "The Prisoner" and "Still Life". Their show at the NEC in Birmingham was chronicled in the live video release (and limited CD release) Maiden England. Michel Kenney was returned in full costume to play the keyboard part during the title song. To some, this tour represented Maiden at the height of their powers, and was the last tour to feature Adrian Smith (until his return in 1999 that is).


Opening bands for this tour
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Megadeth – Official Website Ace Frehley's Comet – Wikipedia Killer Dwarfs – Official Website
Ossian – Wikipedia Reward – Encyclopædia Metallum Helloween – Official Website
Backstreet Girls – Official Website
SETLIST (varied)
Standard Set
 Moonchild Commentary Lyrics
 The Evil That Men Do Commentary Lyrics
 The Prisoner Commentary Lyrics
 Infinite Dreams Commentary Lyrics
  The Trooper Commentary Lyrics
 Can I Play With Madness Commentary Lyrics
 Heaven Can Wait Commentary Lyrics
 Wasted Years Commentary Lyrics
 The Clairvoyant Commentary Lyrics
 Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son Commentary Lyrics
 The Number Of The Beast Commentary Lyrics
 Hallowed Be Thy Name Commentary Lyrics
 Iron Maiden Commentary Lyrics
 Run To The Hills Commentary Lyrics
 Running Free Commentary Lyrics
 Sanctuary Commentary Lyrics
Tracks played only at a few venues
 Wrathchild Commentary Lyrics
 Still Life Commentary Lyrics
 Die With Your Boots On Commentary Lyrics
 Killers Commentary Lyrics
 22, Acacia Avenue Commentary Lyrics
 2 Minutes To Midnight Commentary Lyrics

Seventh Tour of a Seventh Tour


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