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Somewhere On Tour, 1986/87

Somewhere On Tour

September 1986 – May 1987

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Album Commentary

In 1986 Iron Maiden headed back on the road again in support of Somewhere In Time, their most adventurous release since Killers. For this tour, the band made use of guitar synths. The tour was not as long or grueling as the World Slavery Tour had been, but featured an extensive stage set which was loosely based on the futuristic Somewhere In Time album cover complete with a cyborg Eddie. This tour also featured he first appearance of Michael Kenny (Steve's tech) on keyboards to augment the sound. An undeniable highlight of the show was an unaccompanied guitar solo played by both Dave and Adrian loosely based on a tune called "Walking In The Air".

Bands opening for Maiden at this time were: Killer Dwarfs, Yngwie Malmsteen, Waysted and Vinnie Vincent Invasion.


Opening bands for this tour
Waysted – Official Website Paul Samson – Official Website Bad News – Wikipedia
W.A.S.P. – Official Website Vulcain – Wikipedia Yngwie Malmsteen – Official Website
Vinnie Vincent Invasion – Wikipedia Y&T – Official Website Tesla – Official Website
Standard Set
 Intro: Theme from Blade Runner
 Caught Somewhere In Time Commentary Lyrics
 2 Minutes To Midnight Commentary Lyrics
 Sea Of Madness Commentary Lyrics
 Children Of The Damned Commentary Lyrics
 Stranger In A Strange Land Commentary Lyrics
 Wasted Years Commentary Lyrics
 Rime Of The Ancient Mariner Commentary Lyrics
 Guitar solo
 Where Eagles Dare Commentary Lyrics
 Heaven Can Wait Commentary Lyrics
 Phantom Of The Opera Commentary Lyrics
 Hallowed Be Thy Name Commentary Lyrics
 Iron Maiden Commentary Lyrics
 The Number Of The Beast Commentary Lyrics
 Run To The Hills Commentary Lyrics
 Running Free Commentary Lyrics
 Sanctuary Commentary Lyrics
Tracks played only at a few venues
 The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner Commentary Lyrics
 Flight Of Icarus Commentary Lyrics
 Wrathchild Commentary Lyrics

Somewhere On Tour


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